F A Q 's

Why should I enrol my child in an art journey?

Each of the "journeys" offered, have their benefits, rewards and take-aways.  Art can transform our state of being.  Mental health is at the forefront of the recent and hopefully fading pandemic.  The arts help us get grounded, find hope, and get reconnected in some way.  Designated time in the studio setting can be incredibly rewarding and fulfilling.  Art is a process, and not always a product.

Visual Art skills will be developed using a variety of mediums in a small setting that allows for in depth one-on-one time with the instructor.  Individual skills and artistic confidence will be nurtured to express ideas, feelings and opinions through visual art.

Take-aways are the works that the students create that embody reflection, growth and a sense of optimism.  Some materials will remain with the student to help them build their own supplies.  All of their works will be in their possession upon session completion. 

Do you offer classes for children age 6 and lower?

Thank you for your interest in wondering about art for the "littles"!  At this time, classes for this age group are not available.  However, the Striped Bookmark program is new and growing so we hope to offer those classes in the future. 

What should students bring?

Suggested and Optional items are:

water bottle

any materials that provided to the student for the session

a sketchbook or scribbler that the artist is already using

favourite drawing tools in a box/case/container/zipbag

Where can we buy quality art supplies?

My number one GO TO for very well priced and excellent quality art supplies is:


11116 - 120 Street


Please do not pay high prices at the giant Craft Store for materials... you can get much more for your dollar at Delta or the Paint Spot.  The materials at these places also make reasonably priced birthday gifts for kids and allow them to have wonderful art materials with excellent quality!

What are some great art materials for drawing and creating?

         1 or 2 good quality sable brushes for watercolour, Size 10 and Size 4

         2-4 brushes, variety of sizes, square and filbert (rounded)